I keep running my fingers across my face. There is a bump on the bottom of my chin that is swollen and painful to the touch. I know this kinda of pain. It’s pain from the pressure built up underneath. I just want it gone. I want it out. Whatever is in there, shouldn’t be.

Every few weeks or so I’ll get this type of reaction in my skin. It’s the worst kind for me because I constantly feel the raised skin that is out of place. I want it to be smooth again, to release the pressure, and to ease the pain.

You may think that’s a lot of thoughts to dedicate to one bump on my face and I would tell you that you’re not wrong. Most people are not fixated on the imperfections within their skin. Yet here I am. Thank you dermatillomania.

I’ve been unkind to my skin for as long as I can remember. If I could just fix it…if my skin was smooth, there would be nothing to pick at. At lest, that’s what I tell myself.

Today it’s my face. Tomorrow my chest. The next day my legs. And on it goes.